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My backordered copy of Wallenstein finally
arrived from Funagain last week. I played this for
the first time during a trip to New York City last July, and I was anxious to play again. I'm
pretty sure this game is out of print, so I think I'm fortunate to have landed
a copy of this game.

My routine when a new game arrives is to dismantle the bits and divide into
little plastic baggies. One of the coolest features of Wallenstein is the
combat tower, which is used to resolve combat between two players. Little
wooden cubes are dropped into the top, some get stuck in the tower, and some
roll out into the tray. The player with the most cubes rolling out wins the
battle. It is actually a bit more complicated than that (native farmers might
fight on the side of one of the players, for example), but that's the basic
idea. Jacob suddenly became very interested in the game as I showed him the
tower and the gameboard and I talked him into trying a two player game. We
used the variant rules posted on the 'geek. One
other note on the rules - make sure you grab the most recent translation from the 'geek! The
version sent with the game from Funagain was almost worthless.

Jacob picked up the game very quickly, but was a bit too aggressive in his
attacks. Rather than focus on expansion first and then picking battles where
he had an advantage, he tried to fight me one too many times where I had equal
opposition. The luck of the tower was leaning towards me in these battles and
I came out ahead. He was also slow to understand the victory conditions and
didn't get enough strength in his buildings across the region, so I won pretty