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It is getting late but I still want to get my report out. This report will be
shorter on words but I'll keep the pictures. Matthew (my 6 soon-to-be-7 year
old) joined Jacob and I for the morning. We met my parents at a great deli
near downtown called Shapiro's, and they took him back to Shelbyville from
there. Jacob, Matthew, and I started our day with a partial learning game of
the "A Game of Thrones" collectible card
game. I've read the first book of the series on which the game is based
(Julie's read the entire series), and it came with a strong recommendation
from Steve Ellis at Rainy Day Games. One of
his points of praise was that the emphasis is on game-play, not so much deck
construction. I'm just not prepared to spend a lot of money buying cards to be
competitive or spend a lot of time building decks, so this game is appealing
to me. We only played a couple of turns and I like it so far. Too complex for
Matthew I think, but Jacob picked up on it quickly.

Jacob and I at the demo for Mystery of the Abbey.

Our first scheduled game was a demo of Mystery of the
by the folks at
Days of Wonder (including president Eric
Hautemont himself). We had a blast with this one - especially when the event
card turned up that forced us to talk in Gregorian chants until the next mass.
This is a Clue-like deduction game with much more depth. I'm fairly certain
I'll pick this one up tomorrow at the exhibit hall. I managed to win the game
with 6 points and a correct accusation of the culprit monk. This was enjoyable
for Matthew, though the different dimensions of deduction were a bit
challenging (fat/thin, beard/no-beard, etc.).

What would GenCon be without the costumes? Matthew enjoyed his journey around
the exhibit hall as much as playing the games. And yes, you do see Matthew
sporting a mohawk haircut here. Long story...

After lunch, Jacob and I journeyed back the the folks at GameBase 7 to play
Ra, the Knizia
classic. I'm obviously a huge Knizia fan, but this game didn't do it for me.
I'm beginning to think I don't like games where auctions are the primary
mechanic. Jacob and I didn't do too well in this 5-player game - he finished
last and I was second to last.

One game I've been wanting to play is
Domaine, the new
Klaus Teuber game by Mayfair. Perhaps I'll get
a shot at it tomorrow, but check out this jumbo board from the Mayfair booth!
Those are real miniatures you see there. We also saw some very cool jumbo
Settlers arrangements, both at the Mayfair booth and on the game floor.

Speaking of miniatures, Jacob and I took out an hour of our time to try out
the free miniature painting booth near the boardgame hall. Very nice folks,
very nice deal - we got some great starter tips from a professional. Jacob
painted an elvish archer and I did a brawny fighter. My goal was to do better
than the last miniature I painted at age 15, and Jacob confirmed that I
surpassed that lofty target.

Oh yes, and we made a few purchases today: Bang!, the Settlers of Catan travel
edition, some dice and glass bead counters, the Star Wars D20 rules (Jacob,
Matthew and I have been playing the old D6 West End Games rules but grew tired
of switching back and forth with D20 systems), and a couple of R.A. Salvatore
books for the family.

Tomorrow will be a shortened day, but Jacob and I are excited to play in our
first RPGA event using the new 3.5 edition D&D rules. We will also play
Elfenland in the
morning and plan to try Battle
on arrival.