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I promised to post a photo or two from my session in Brooklyn last month.
Here's a photo of Mikael, Lev, and Jonathan (left to right) during our game of
Wallenstein. As I
mentioned before, I loved this game and I recently placed an order at
Funagain. It is on backorder and I should see it
sometime in August. I also picked up
Serenissima (haven't
played yet) and Capt'n Clever (played with
the boys last weekend - very light but a good bit of fun).

Mikael, Lev, and Jonathan in my first ever play of Wallenstein.

Julie, Jacob, Matthew, and I fly to Indianapolis tomorrow for a combined
family visit and trek to
GenCon. My parents and sister
live there, and Julie's grandmother is up in West Lafayette (she turns 90 next
month). Jacob and I will spend Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at GenCon, and
I'll probably bring Matthew for a half day on Friday. I'll try and post some
daily reports of our adventures there.