Session Report - Gaming at Doug and Mimi’s - Saturday, June 28

We spent most of our time play-testing a new game, but we managed to squeeze in a playing of the new Fantasy Flight game Quicksand. This is a racing game where you advance one of six adventurers on your turn by playing cards of that adventurer's color. The catch is each player is trying to advance their secret adventurer while trying to guess which adventurers belong to which opponents. Adventurers can be delayed by moving them into tight situations (like quicksand) or by playing quicksand cards. This is a simple, quick game that won't be for everybody. It has a fair bit of bluffing and misdirection, but there isn't enough time to do much but advance your adventurer and slow down whoever is in the lead. There's a substantial luck element as well - I only drew 3 cards of my adventurer's color the whole game. Mimi pulled this one out with Doug and Ken a close second. This one will be fun with the kids, but a bit too light for my taste. I'll give it a 6.