I’ve made great progress on development over the past week. Quick status update:

  • Core engine is essentially complete. At least complete enough that I feel good moving on to the first UI.
  • The scoring algorithm was a bit tricky, but turned out to be very similar to the expropriation algorithm. In fact, I’m going to be looking for some refactoring opportunities in both sets of code. What I really need is a “street traversal visitor” of some sort, but I haven’t thought it through enough yet.
  • I’m up to about 30 unit tests right now – they’ve been instrumental in supporting some pretty heavy refactoring efforts.
  • My first UI will just be a standalone, Windows forms, hot-seat client to validate overall gameplay.
  • My next UI will probably be a web-based, real-time interface.
  • Finally, I plan to make a winforms-based networked real-time interface. Hmmm… maybe I’ll use web services for the client protocol.

I might post another source drop this weekend in case anyone wants to see the core engine. I’ve got two weeks of vacation coming up at Keuka Lake so I hope to have a working beta by the time I get back.