Face 2 Face Games and Lawrence Whalen

I was in Providence, RI last week for a business trip, and had a few hours after my meeting before I had to head to the airport. I did a Google search for game stores near my hotel in downtown Providence, and discovered The Gamekeeper (unrelated to the Hasbro/WOTC/Game Keeper).

I immediately started talking to the friendly owner, Lawrence Whalen, who gave some good recommendations on games to buy for a friend who's birthday was coming up (Age of Steam and Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers). Walking around his small store, I got a bit curious since I saw a nice computer setup with dual monitors, and I noticed that he was running Adobe Photoshop with some artwork. Turns out that Lawrence doesn't just run a game shop, he also has a game company: Face 2 Face Games. Their first major project is a re-release of the Sid Sackson Classic I'm the Boss. I personally haven't played the original, but it looks like a good family game that might have some mass-market appeal.