A Game of Thrones Living Card Game

1 minute read

KC came over for a great day of gaming - 3 player Napoleonic Wars with Jacob followed by two games of A Game of Thrones Living Card Game. A while back (4-5 y...

Salishan Gaming Photos

less than 1 minute read

I posted some better photos from the Salishan gaming weekend. Here are a few of the choice picks.

18xx Order from Deep Thought Games

1 minute read

I finally broke down and placed another Deep Thought Games 18xx game order. I still have two unplayed 18xx game in my collection (1870 and 2038) but I feel c...

Salishan Gaming Day 4

1 minute read

The photo tells it all - I spent most of the day with Doug, Matt, and Eric playing the new Civilization boardgame. This is everything I like to see in a civ...