Landed in Frankfurt

less than 1 minute read

Racing to catch our flight to Dusseldorf. Hopefully they’ll hold the flight or we may arrive in Essen much later than palnned!

Essen 2006

2 minute read

The time is quickly approaching where I’ll board a Lufthansa flight here in Portland to join a bunch of my partners and friends for the trek to Essen.  Sunri...

Nexus Ops

1 minute read

I recently picked up the Avalon Hill game Nexus Ops from Toys R Us (great deal - $19.99 with free shipping) and we all sat down to give it a try today.  The ...

Burndown Update for October

less than 1 minute read

Time for a quick update on my unplayed games burndown project.  In my last update, I mentioned that I need to kick the playing and possibly the getting-rid-o...