BGG.CON 2007 Day 4

3 minute read

My primary gaming buddy at BGG.CON was nowhere to be found on Sunday as he had an early flight to Indy, so I had to fend for myself to get some final gaming ...

BGG.CON 2007 Day 3

7 minute read

Saturday was full of great gaming and even better Texas BBQ thanks to a trip to the Baby Back Shack courtesy of Tim and Carrie.  The day did not start off to...

BGG.CON 2007 Day 2

2 minute read

This will be another brief post - having a blast and don’t want to miss out on any gaming! I continued to play new games to me that were very good, including...

BGG.CON 2007 Day 1

3 minute read

Check out the photo stream with more photos over at Flickr. Wow, what a fun-packed and tiresome first day at BGG.CON.