Football Highlights

less than 1 minute read

I put together a highlight film of Matthew’s first three games. He is enjoying being back in the fullback position and getting the chance to carry the ball. ...

2010 Season - Week 1 Report

2 minute read

Football season is in full swing which can make it hard to keep up with posts here. I’ll try to at least do a weekly update on how our prior game went and my...

Featured Cat of the Day: Sammi

less than 1 minute read

Oh, and we went rafting on the White Salmon last weekend. We didn’t flip and swim at the last waterfall, but this group did:

Return to Keuka Lake

less than 1 minute read

After missing a trip to lake in 2009, we returned for a full week in early August. I posted a full set of photos on Flickr - still to come are some portraits...