Rory Louis Brooks

Please welcome to our world Rory Louis Brooks, son of Jacob and Kaitlin, and our first grandchild.

Newborn Rory Newborn Rory

Julie and I flew back to California just about perfectly on schedule, getting a couple of days with expecting mom and dad before labor began. Along with Kaitlin’s parents, we were able to be at the hospital for the birth. Grandpa #1 and #2 both got to meet Rory the next morning (technically the same day as Rory was born at 12:45am).

Dad, mom, and Rory Dad, mom, and Rory

Everyone is healthy, and we got to hang around and share the new at-home routine with Jacob, Kaitlin, and Rory (I love saying that). They are so prepared as a mother/father team.

We flew from CA to FL yesterday and now get to enjoy our new grand-nephew Brooks, born just yesterday.