Moving Days

We spent the last part of April solving our Oregon storage challenge: storage rental cost has almost tripled in 4 years, and we now have better line of site on what we want to keep from storage and where we should store it.

Moving truck for part 1 Moving truck for part 1

Part 1 involved renting a truck in Sherwood to deliver bigger stuff that we won’t need, or don’t want to move, to friends and Goodwill. We were lucky to have great weather and plenty of help from friends to pull this off. Delivered to Beaverton, Lake Oswego, Portland, and Vancouver WA.

Trailer for part 2 Trailer for part 2

Part 2 had us renting a trailer to haul most of the remaining stuff down to Fairfield CA, close proximity to Napa and a storage unit that costs a fraction of what we have been paying. The trailer and van (converted to cargo mode) were stuffed full. So is the storage unit. Perhaps we will have the unit emptied within six months as we plan to buy a home in Napa to serve as our winter home base.

We can still sleep in the van! We can still sleep in the van!

Now we are on the road east for part 3: transport the remaining items back to NY. Some will be for the cottages, some for delivery to Matthew and Lauren in NJ.

By the way, the remainder of my boardgame collection, including my ASL collection, are in storage in CA. We have ample game selection at Keuka Lake, and I think there will likely be more opportunities to play the games I have had in storage in Napa.