Dutch Ponies

Julie commented over dinner last night that I don’t post enough photos showing me. I think I post exactly the right amount (rounding to zero) but these cute ponies we hung out with give me an excuse to throw one out there.

Pasture of ponies Pasture of ponies

The first ponies we met had zero interest in us.

My new trail friend My new trail friend

However, this juvenile little guy came trotting over to me immediately when I offered a hand.

Julie gets in on the feeding Julie gets in on the feeding

All of the ponies got more engaged once we started fetching wild carrots and some yellow flowers for them. We just looked for stuff growing outside their pasture that was absent from inside, thinking that’s what they like to eat first.

Closeup of the little guy Closeup of the little guy

Not that this one needed more enticing, but it was nice to give him a flowery treat and some neck scratches.