Bernard Family Farm sign Bernard Family Farm sign

We stayed at Bernard Family Farm in southern Illinois last night, one of the better Harvest Host locations we’ve been to.

Sunset on the farm pond Sunset on the farm pond

We camped by a cozy little farm pond across the street from the farm, giving us privacy but still being in close proximity to the farm (and animals).

Female alpacas up close Female alpacas up close

There were female alpacas.

Male alpacas on hay stack Male alpacas on hay stack

The boy alpacas were sequestered off in their own space, and were recently shorn.

Friendly donkey Friendly donkey

There were donkeys.

Lamb in the barn Lamb in the barn

There were little lambs.

As we were leaving the barn (that also had farm cats, bunnies, chicks, and pigs) Julie had a humorous duck encounter.

Now we are off to southern Indiana and southern Ohio to hang out with friends (also in a van) for a couple of days.