Thursday Things

Skipped a few weeks so there’s a bit more than usual this time.

What and Where I’m Drinking

Overall I’m not drinking much at all - 1 or 2 nights a week at the most, and I feel better for it. I’m two weeks into an intense weight training program and trying to reduce my body fat percentage from about 15% to 8%. Wish me luck.

  • Tried the beers Flower In the Kettle and Oathbreaker at Wayfinder Beer, one of my new favorite spots in downtown Portland. Close to Guardian Games and a solid menu.
  • Tried the beer Altbier at Verde Cocina Café, with beer being the highlight (16 oz can!). Food was bland.

What I’m Playing

  • Matthew was home for about 32 hours total and Julie and I played Small World with him. Big hit and fit into about a 2 hour window.
  • We also played Ninety-Nine while at the aforementioned Wayfinder Bar.
  • Julie and I dropped by our friend Chuck’s game night to play Honshu. Lite, city building fun.

What I’m Reading

What I’m Watching

  • Julie and I watched First they killed my father on Netflix. We both read the book and wanted to see this. Worth it.
  • On the other hand, the third movie in Oliver Stone’s Vietnam trilogy Heaven and Earth was a waste of time. Book was OK, movie awful.
  • We went to a free preview of Goodbye Christopher Robin and enjoyed it.
  • Right now we are working our way through The Man in the High Castle on Amazon. I like how they take their time revealing what the true nature of this alternate reality is. Fun show.

What I’m Listening To

What I’m Contemplating