What’s Goin’ On?

I'm overdue for an update. Let's catch up on the last 6 months.

  • I let slide the 10 year anniversary of this blog. My first post was "Let's Get Started" on March 7, 2003. Nice how the links on that post are still active. Kudos to Fiserv for keeping the Corillian redirect live and to BoardGameGeek for caring so much about permalinks.
  • We went to Greece for a sailing adventure for 2 weeks in late June / early July. I've got a detailed trip report coming real soon now.
  • Jacob started his freshman year at Carnegie Mellon University in late August. He plans to study electrically / computer engineering and computer science. He will also throw javelin for the track team.
  • Matthew moved on from football and fully embraced cross country, earning a varsity letter and running a personal record sub 18 minute 5k. He now has the running bug which pleases Julie and me to no end.
  • I completed my fourth season helping to coach 8th grade varsity football. By most measures it was a successful season, though we did have more than our usual share of parent problems.
  • I mostly go on a boardgaming hiatus during football season, but things are starting to pick up again. Matthew and I are delving into the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game and I hope to write more about that soon.
  • I will be attending BGG.CON again this year with friend Jim Ginn. Interesting tidbit: we will be in Dallas for the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination. I was born in Dallas but this was before my time, though my parents and sister were living there.