Here's a quick rundown of what I've played so far:


  • Alien Frontiers -- One of my hope-to-play games from 2010. Reminds me of Mission: Red Planet but with a better mechanic (dice!) for placement and actions.
  • Innovation -- Surprise hit so far, and at only $20 for the base game (and $20 for expansion) was an easy buy from the guys at Funagain. Civilization-building card game with very creative mechanics and relatively short playing time.
  • Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer -- I've played about 100 times on the iPad and once before in real life. Taught Jim how to play; solid deckbuilding.


  • Poseidon's Kingdom -- The latest game from Fragor Games. Took a while for us to get going without a real teacher but very fluid once we got down the core mechanics. The "wave breaking" mechanism with dice raining down on the board is very slick.
  • Troyes -- Another dice-based game but hardly overly random or chaotic. This is a deep game that the four players fumbled through and generally enjoyed.
  • Runewars -- Big hit; we played with 3 players in a learning game and finished in about 2-3 hours. Multi-player American style war and building game with a nice fantasy adventure twist set in the Runebound (and Descent) universe. Would be a big hit with Jacob and Matthew.
  • PÜNCT -- Jim and I had 45 minutes before dinner and listening to the Sherwood football playoff game stream so played this game in the GIPF series. Forgot how much I love these games.
  • Nefarious -- Very light card game that Jim and I played with old friend Tim. Fun enough for what it is, but I don't think it will be worth the $60 retail. Feels like a $25 light card game to me.

Tomorrow we expect to play A Few Acres of Snow, 18AL, and Agricola.