Game 1 result: Sherwood 16, Aloha Blue 12

Our first game was a grinding victory that found us needing a sustained drive to score with only 6 minutes left in the game. The defense was extremely solid, allowing a net of -27 (yes, that's MINUS) of Aloha offense for the game and only 2 first downs. Unfortunately a kickoff return for TD and a fumble recovery for TD kept Aloha in the game. The difference ended up being 2 safeties by our defense - one a tackle in the end zone, the other an intentional grounding in the end zone as the QB avoided a sack by on of our linebackers.

The game called out some work we need to do on offense, but after reviewing film it wasn't as bad as it felt while watching it. We gained just over 200 yards in the game and had two sustained drives (9 plays, 12 plays) that showed a level of consistency that is promising looking ahead. We were also without two of our best players (both running backs) for the game, and our backup FB stepped up big time, rushing for 75 yards and scoring the game winning touchdown.

Some areas to work on:

  • Our linebackers are not filling well on running plays - they are too tentative and flowing left/right instead of downhill into the backfield.

  • We are seeing too much penetration on the interior line as our guards pull. We need to make sure our center/tackles are sealing properly.

  • Our guards are still tentative as they turn upfield on our sweep plays, often looking back for the runner or being indecisive about who to hit. We will drill this heavily during the week.

Our next opponent is St Helens on Saturday Sep 19 at home, under the lights at 7pm.