Day 3 in France started with an early morning trip to Île de la Cite for a visit to Notre Dame de Paris, famous for gargoyles, gypsies, and hunchbacks. We saw at least 2 of the 3.

Strike a pose

We roamed the island for a while, visiting Ponte Neuf and the Memorial des Martyrs de la Deportation before crossing to visit the Rive Gauche.

Crossing the seine

While most of the stalls along the river were close, Shakespeare and Company was not so we spent 20 minutes or so browsing the English book selection.

Shakespeare and co.

Our big museum visit of the day was the Louvre, and we devised a plan to keep the boys engaged that worked perfectly. We allowed them to roam on their own but gave them a checklist of exhibits to see. They had fun and we were able to browse at our own leisurely pace. The highlight for me was the Coronation of Napoleon.


We opted to eat in our hotel room that night, icing / chilling our beer (from Orval) and champagne (from Taittinger) to go with... what else but Pizza Hut?

Julie shows off her ice cubes

Julie and Lisa surprised us with a collection of dessert pastries - very tasty. Also, if you happen to get a pizza in Paris from Pizza Hut, make sure you get it with "cheesy fun crust" - there's nothing like it in the US and we still talk about it today.

Dinner in the room