We've had a great relaxing weekend here at the coast. The weather was sunny, warm, and calm on Friday and we met some Sherwood friends for some tide pool action at Devil's Punchbowl near low tide in the early evening. Not a very "low" low tide, but still we saw plenty of sea stars, fish, crabs, and anemones.

Devil's Punchbowl

We also had a marathon session of the Czech game Prophecy that I traded for last year. Matthew and Jacob stomped us (Matthew won by collecting 4 artifacts) but we need to try the short game version next time. Jacob and I also played a game of Manoeuvre and had a blast - it was nice to get back to some 2P wargaming with the two of us, something that has been missing in our lives lately. We played the fixed setup with the French and British and I squeezed out an end-of-day victory in a close match. I'm looking forward to exploring this game more - should have nice replayability with the various countries and different card mixes.