Game On! Games Mid-Term Report

The game classes have been a good success, even resulting in the conversion of a few families to full-time game geeks. Julie is running the Wednesday class for 3/4 graders, and I handle the Thursday class for 4/5 graders.

Game On Games

After each class we have the kids rate the games and we now have a ranking of the games the kids have played so far:

Not that any of the kids don't like these games - they are all rating very highly (Take it Easy is at a 3.6 on Chuck's 4 point scale). Julie and I agree that the true test is what games the kids ask for on the periodic open gaming session where they get to pick and choose. I think their choices align with the ratings above, though Walk the Dogs is probably a bit closer to 1st or 2nd place. As we get towards the end of the year and start doing end-of-year open sessions I'll report back on their choices.

Here's what we have on tap for coming weeks: