Time to brag a little bit about how well Jacob and Matthew performed in football this season. Both boys led their teams in every single meaningful statistic that they could have given the positions they played. Jacob is barely over the weight limit (120 lbs with gear) to be able to carry the football, so he only has defensive statistics.


  • Played 9 games
  • 53 tackles (led the team, next closest was 45 - he had over 1/6 of the total tackles for the team)
  • 7 sacks (led the team, next closest was 2 - he had 1/2 of the total sacks for the team)
  • He played nearly the entire season as a defensive end, which is a difficult place to get this many tackles. The last three games he got some plays as a middle linebacker.


  • Played 8 games, mostly at fullback on offense and inside linebacker on defense. Had about 10 snaps at quarterback and a few at offensive guard.
  • 69 tackles, 32 assists (led the team, next closest in tackles was 34 - he had close to 1/4 of the total tackles for the team)
  • 10 tackles for loss (led the team, next closest was 8)
  • Rushed for 496 yards (led the team, barely edging his close friend James who had 493 - that's a rounding error given the precision of stats at our level)
  • 8 rushing touchdowns (led the team, next closest was 5)
  • 206 receiving yards (led the team)
  • 14 receptions (led the team)
  • 3 receiving touchdowns (led the team)