I'm sitting here at the Ravensburger booth playing Arkadia, a new game that recycles the tower pieces from Torres. We are playing 2-player which I suspect isn't ideal, but the game is pretty nice. On a turn you either build a new building or place workers to surround buildings on the board. Surrounding a building earns one of 4 different colored tokens (and likely multiple of them) that can then be cashed in later for gold. Players trigger their own personal scoring rounds and the end of a turn, but each player only has 4 in the game. As the game progresses players have the ability to influence the value of the different colors by placing a tower (the Torres bit) in the center, usually covering up another color. This has the effect of increasing the value of one color while decreasing another. So it is a game with a bit of geometry (building tiles and surrounding with workers) and a bit of a market system. Pretty nice and I think I'll pick it up.