Will GenCon Stay in Indianapolis?

Apparently the Indianapolis Star reported yesterday (can't find the story online) that GenCon is leaving Indianapolis. Peter Adkison, CEO of Gen Con LLC, posted this to the GPA mailing list:

Yesterday in the Indy Star it was reported that Gen Con is leaving Indianapolis.

Consider this rumor control: no such decision has been made.

What is true is that our contract is up after 2006 and we are examining our options. I'll be conducting a four-city tour next week of possible venues throughout the midwest.

My preference would be to stay in Indianapolis as I know first hand how risky it is to move a convention of this magnitude. But I do think it only prudent to compare alternatives and make sure I'm getting a good deal._

If GenCon moves, I doubt I'll find my way there. There are other conventions I would rather go to, and the only reason this one makes the cut is that we both have a lot of family there.