What’s Up

Wow long time since I've posted anything too meaningful. This post won't break that trend. It has been a busy few weeks, so very little has happened on the gaming front. Work has been extremely busy I manage to get home at a decent hour most days to see the boys' baseball games (this coming week they play every evening M-F, and Jacob has tournaments both this weekend and next). But most of my evenings tend to involve working again from 8pm until about midnight. Here are a few things going on though:

  • Doug Walker and I are going to try a Cyberboard game of Europe Engulfed (gameset here). I still have not been able to play this game face-to-face, but I'm anxious to try it so this is probably the best way. Doug, sorry I haven't sent you my initial setup yet!
  • Jacob, Matthew, and I did manage to play a great game of the original Settlers of Catan on Tuesday after Jacob's baseball game. I was ahead 9-6-4 (Jacob in 2nd, Matthew 3rd). On my next turn I would win the game as long as I didn't roll a 7 of course I did and lost enough cards to prevent me from building my city. Jacob then managed to steal longest road from me, pulling ahead 8-7-4. Things were tense for a while, but I was able to pull out the win by taking back the longest road and building my city.
  • My latest eBay purchase arrived: the classic game Camelot (originally Chivalry) by George S. Parker, founder of Parker Brothers. I recently read the book The Game Makers, a history of Parker Brothers (great book! I'll write a review shortly), and this game was mentioned frequently as one of GSP's favorite games.
  • Jacob's team won their baseball tournament last weekend in Gladstone, and are looking good in the Sherwood tournament this weekend (2-0, likely heading to the championship game). Their team is also undefeated in league play (team name is Sherwood-Dyer).
  • My parents have been in town for about the past 10 days. It had been a few years since they were here and it is has been great having them here for a week of baseball. Julie's mom was up here for a few days this week as well to look at some property on the Oregon coast.