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Took the family to Seattle for Thanksgiving weekend - it is a tradition for us
to explore some area or just go somewhere for this holiday since all of our
family is out of driving distance. This year we trusted in
Amtrak to get us to Seattle. We did this 4 years ago
(compliments of Corillian for some hard work for a
new big bank we had just signed) and thought it was time to give it another

I'll post some more photos upon return, but here are some pictures of the
gaming we've done this weekend. We played a few games on the train ride up
from Portland - the Cascades is
a great train ride, about 3.5 hours so not much longer than a drive and much
more relaxing. We managed to play Settlers of Catan: Travel Edition, the Monopoly card game, and a bit
of checkers. Back in the room, Matthew, Jacob and I had a great game of Wyatt
. Jacob and I have
played about 3 games of
Chrononauts so far -
he keeps requesting to play this Looney Labs game.