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I was able to have dinner last night with two of my oldest (their not old, but
you know what I mean) friends: Mike and Becky Sattin. Becky's new husband Bob
also joined us. Mike and I first met back in the 1978 or 1979 timeframe, and
immediately found we had a lot of common interests. At that point in our
lives, we were most interested in playing new computer games on his Apple II
computer (Wizardry, Olympic Decathlon, Castle Wolfenstein) and sports
simulation board games by APBA. And we
often spent some late nights at his house playing Dungeons and Dragons.

I moved away from Indianapolis in 1982 to Albuquerque, then Omaha. In 1985 I
moved back to Indianapolis and finished high school where I had started
(North Central HS). During the
move transition from Omaha back to Indy, I lived with Mike and his parents.
I'm forever grateful for the hospitality they showed me during that
challenging time. Becky was away at college at Washington University, and she was one of the key influences that
led me to attend there. While I was living away from Indy, Mike managed to
become a very accomplished local musician - his living room was full of
guitars, drums, keyboards, and other equipment for his band. You can listen to
some his early music with the band Avanti right here at MP3.com.

Mike moved to Los Angeles around 1987 to follow his muse and take a shot at
the music scene there. We've stayed in touch over the years, and when I lived
in LA briefly in the early 90s I was able to see him play often, I think with
the band Ptexas Pteradactyls. He has been involved in a number of bands since
then - Superfly Connection and Captain
Pants to name a few.

Mike has a number of projects going on right now - he did his own take on
White Stripes and is involved with the band
Chromosome Tea. He
also works with Little Dawnee Frinta.