I found a good price on a used iBook here in town, so Jacob and I went to check it out on Saturday morning before his football game. There were a few reasons for picking this up:

  • A good platform for experimenting with Rotor and Mono.
  • OSX / Panther / Jaguar just seemed too cool to miss out on.
  • I think it will be a better home for my iPod link and iTunes.
  • I wanted a personal laptop for travel, especially for important tasks like playing DVDs for the boys on road trips.

So far I love it. I'm playing with some different software configurations (browser, office tools, etc.) to see what works best. One disappointment - OpenOffice supposedly works, but isn't a native Mac OSX application (it runs under X11). It also didn't work in a turnkey maner, probably because I'm not using Darwin as my X11 server.