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Well, I'm only about 2 weeks late in posting this one. We hosted a mystery
party for Jacob and a few friends two Saturdays ago - sort of like a "How to
Host a Murder" game but for kids. The theme was western, and we asked the
party goers to dress the part. Jacob only invited boys, and there were a few
girl parts, so we had to improvise. Part of the improvisation was having
Matthew dress up as a girl - and Grandma was more than happy to help out.
Check out the results for yourself; should make for some great blackmail
material somewhere down the road.

The party went very well - we mixed in some games with the mystery puzzle, and
everyone played their parts. Jacob is nine now, and thought it seems cliche to
say that I can't believe how fast he is growing up, well, I can't believe how
fast he is growing up!

Yesterday, Jacob played in his last football game of the season, and his team
finished 8-0. Not a bad season! Jacob played out the year as the starting
center, and was getting much more playing time on defense as well. Julie and I
are sold on the value of this program for Jacob, and we are eager to sign up
Matthew as soon as he is old enough.