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If you've never heard of piecepack, you
should check it out. A piecepack is a set of boardgame parts that can be used
to play a number of games and provides a great platform from which to design
new games. Think of it as the open source toolkit
for the gaming industry.

I've had my own piecepack for several months (the
Mesomorph edition) and
have tried about five different games so far. Matthew and I particularly
enjoyed the dexterity game of

There is an increasingly active community of designers of piecepack games, and one
approach they are using to promote new game development is a series of on-
going design competitions. There were some great games that came out of the
History Repeats Itself
competition - I've read the rules but haven't played any of them yet.

The current competition is Solitary Confinement,
a contest for piecepack solitaire games. This appears to be a great way to
take my own shot at game design, and I plan on making at least a couple of
submissions. I'm starting off my designing some very derivative games from
playing cards, and will work my way into synthesizing my own designs.