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I had to work, but Julie, Jacob, and Matthew spent most of Friday in Lincoln
City, the closest coastal town to our home in Sherwood. The summer is ticking
away, and Julie realized she had not yet taken the time to spend a day playing
in the sand and surf. The Oregon coast is a special place unlike most in the
world - it isn't a place to swim or sunbathe since the water
is mostly too cold and warm sunny days are few and far between. It is a place
to play and gaze at the scenic landscapes. Jacob and Matthew mostly enjoy
digging in the sand, building walls, castles, moats, and burying each other.
We recommend avoiding the beaches on the main highway 101 drag in Lincoln City
- they tend to be overcrowded and a bit dirty. Instead head north of town,
past the casino, to Road's End State Recreation Site. Of course you'll need to
eat some seafood as well - your best bet is the Dory Cove Restaurant, also at Road's End. Your best bets are
the clam chowder and the battered halibut.