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I finally have another release of
FreshFish available for
download. I think this version looks quite a
bit nicer (thanks to Angela for providing some updated graphics), and the
usability is drastically improved. Most of the improvements though are in the
underlying game engine, since I had a number of things wrong with rules, end-
game, and certain game states in the previous
. I do
still have a ways to go though... some other points:

  • If you don't know how to play, read the rules.
  • Scott Hanselman sat down for some pair programming with me and gave some great advice, most of which made it into this version. His most striking comment was this: "Is it a game or a business application?" This hit home... the use of status bar, menu bar, etc. does make it look too much like an office productivity tool. Expect a makeover in the next release.
  • I hope the rules are solid in this version, since I really would like to move onto networked play. Please report any issues you see.

Have fun!