Where’s Chris?

I’m back in San Francisco – it has been a crazy week.

Nice photo from the top of a downtown SFO building.

  • Tue – in Columbus, OH visiting customers.
  • Wed – traveled to Los Angeles (Ontario actually).
  • Thu – Gave a brief talk at the California Bankers Association Annual Electronic Commerce Conference in Ontario. Jumped on another plane to head to San Francisco for a reprise.
  • Fri – Will give the same talk at the northern Cal episode of the conference. Fly back to Portland.

I was in San Francisco last week for our board meeting. I took this photo from
the office building of one of our board members – amazing view from there of
most of downtown SFO.

Will be nice to get back home – baseball games for both of the boys on Friday
night, some gaming on Saturday, and an anniversary dinner Saturday night (12