Arcadia Lake Take 2 - Mountain Biking

less than 1 minute read

Fun six mile ride today with Andy. Bike issues (gear kept disengaging) made things challenging but weather was perfect and trail well maintained.

Arcadia Lake Trail Run

less than 1 minute read

Julie and I are exploring good trails to run here in Oklahoma City and picked a great one today. Started at the Arcadia Lake project office and went west on...

Wednesday What’s Up

5 minute read

Pull up a chair and hang with me a while. This is a long one. Where I’m Traveling Right now I’m living and working in Oklahoma City, but over T...

New party game: Just One

less than 1 minute read

Played a just-released cooperative party game last night called Just One. It is in the "more of an activity than a game category" but everyone had a blas...