Join Me in Wallenstein

less than 1 minute read

Come on over and join me in a game of Wallenstein.  The name of the game is Wildcard, password is “cubswin”.

Fall Sports Begin

less than 1 minute read

Not only was this the opening weekend for the NFL (my Colts and Cowboys appear to be off to a stellar start.  At least the Seahawks won…), but Jacob and Matt...

Heroscape, Taj Mahal

1 minute read

On Monday, Jacob and I ventured across town (about as far across town as you can imagine) to KC and Rita’s home in Gresham.  KC, Rita, and I are planning a p...

First Day of School

less than 1 minute read

Yesterday was the first day of school for Jacob (4th grade) and Matthew (2nd grade).  Jacob was a bit stressed for most of the weekend, and Matthew in typica...