One of the best tools in our arsenal, but we usually don’t practice much. Goes like a putt (no spin), but starts in the air a bit.


  • Very different than pitch or bunker shot
  • Practice with a 4 iron, starting one pace off the green
  • Feet close together, get close to the ball (6-10”)
  • Grip down almost to the shaft
  • Lead wrist into [[Ulnar deviation]]
  • Ball position is neutral
  • Can lean handle slightly forward or keep it neutral
  • We want a stroke, not a hit


  • We want shallow, not steep
  • Slight in-to-out path
  • Turn the toe in a tiny bit to match the draw path
  • Want it to feel like a rocking-the-shoulders motion, legs very quiet
  • Feel like you are making a putting stroke
  • Equal length back and through
  • By practicing with a 4 iron, you can emphasize how little a stroke is needed

Full Sequence

  • Can practice with a small obstacle in front (sprinkler head), make it a bad lie
  • Trying to land one step onto the green
  • Very good shot into the grain on Bermuda grass (where likely to have club dig in)

7 iron keys

  • Same as 4 iron, but sneak ball position toward the trail toe, but still keep between feet
  • Slight amount of shaft lean
  • Otherwise same

PW keys

  • Might be a bit further off the green, or in a pitching/chip situation but a bad lie
  • Want the toe of the club engaged, not the heel
  • Practice with ball in hole
  • Back toe alignment


01 Intro.mp4

02 Setup.mp4

03 Stroke.mp4

04 Full sequence.mp4

05 7 Iron.mp4

06 Pitching wedge.mp4