General Ideas and Setup

  • Some of this is opposite of finesse pitches - we want to de-loft the wedges, fly them lower (aka “flight” the ball)
  • Stance will be a bit wider, about hip and shoulder width
  • Ball just forward of center or neutral / middle
  • Weight slightly forward
  • Club head square, unless you are right about 50 yards and need to fly it higher or impart more spin
  • With weight forward, we can hit down on it a bit more, lowering the ball flight


  • Clock system (Dave Pelz) or “50% back” can work here
  • Pretty much never want to go all the way back to 100%
  • We want structure in the backswing to allow us to accelerate and finish strong, regardless of the backswing. We need that for spin and consistent contact. Don’t want to be slowing down coming through.


  • Want to think about pressure, moving pressure forward during transition. Then works forward and up, just a small amount of each.
  • Tension free elbows - grab as hard as you want on the grip, but relax tension in the elbows and arms.
  • Don’t think about pulling the club through, or creating lag. Just let the club come through.

Through Swing

  • Abbreviated follow-through, maybe 75%
  • This helps with flighting the ball – knowing you aren’t doing a full finish helps with impact
  • Another way of putting it - don’t try to create lag or shaft lean at impact, just focus on the finish and the good stuff will happen