Out and About in Córdoba

With so much time in Córdoba we roamed quite a bit. The Jewish quarter is a maze of twisting passages, all alike, but with surprises around every corner.

The Roman bridge The Roman bridge

Our AirBnB was average but in a great location. We walked by the mosque-cathedral many times, visited the Alcázar, walked along the river to or across the Roman bridge, or just strolled to the main Plaza de la Corredera.

Flamenco at El Cardenal Flamenco at El Cardenal

I was insistent that we see Andalusian Flamenco in Andalucía, so Julie humored me for another show. Just up the road from us was the Tablao Flamenco El Cardenal, a venue focused on the show (i.e., they didn’t feed us a meal). I put this show in between the uber-produced show we saw in Barcelona last spring, and the low-key cavernous Cafe Ziryab in Madrid. More choreographed, beautiful costumes, and a female lead singer. Great show.

Cerveza sin alcohol Cerveza sin alcohol

It is tempting to drink alcohol every night, especially as we hit parts of Spain with the true tapas experience: a surprise appetizer with every drink you order. I’m about 45 days into a plan to lower my alcohol intake, so finding alternatives is helpful. Agua con gas (sparkling water) is our primary go-to, and every place we’ve asked for it has also had non-alcoholic beer. Sometimes even N/A wine or cocktails. Me gusta mucho la cerveza tostada sin alcohol. “Tostada” is basically a darker, maltier N/A.