Two weeks ago a wrote about the mediocre state of dining in Madrid. I’m happy to report that after getting recommendations and then booking some innovative restaurants, Madrid dining is back in our good graces.

Raw tuna with creamy fish sauce from La Llorería Raw tuna with creamy fish sauce from La Llorería

Here are our favorites so far. We missed out on Barganzo because we were too tired from a long day of adventuring and a very late, long lunch. I suspect it is pretty good.

  • Zíngara – our favorite so far, this restaurant has a great blend of setting and food. Service was welcoming and prompt.
  • Tatema – we’ve been twice now and will likely return when my sister joins us in late February. Great appetizers for sharing, with solid non-meat options.
  • Juana La Loca – we had lunch here because it was the only booking we could get. Loved the food and atmosphere; tight space with lots of folks without tables just standing by the bar and eating tapas.
  • La Llorería – Excellent service and menu, and we appreciated the reduction in decision fatigue: tell us what you like and don’t like, and we’ll bring plates to you until you tell us to stop.