Known here as La carrera solidaria de Papá Noel (and hosted by mega department store El Corte Ingles), once Julie and I heard about this event we had to enter.

Start line for the race Start line for the race

For 14,6€ each we were given a bib plus a santa costume; the costume being the coolest thing about the race but also the most depressing as we suspect just about all of them ended up in the landfill. The race is advertised as a 5k but is closer to 4k, but we didn’t mind. It was so cheery seeing the crowd, including the kiddos dressed as green santa elves.

Two Papá Noels Two Papá Noels

It was also fun making the over 1 mile walk to and from the race, and the further away from the crowd of santas we were, the more odd stares we got from the local city folk. And some looks of delight from kids (“Papá noel!!”). The weather was chilly but perfect blue skies and sunny weather made for a great race.