What I’m Contemplating

What I’m Reading

What I’m Playing

  • I found Exploding Kittens in a Target on our way to West Point and picked it up. Julie and I played a couple of times with Matthew over beers and enjoyed it. Very light game and will be even better with a larger group.

  • Julie and I played Lanterns: The Harvest Festival while enjoying a beer last week at Steuben Brewing just up the hill from us. Big fan of this for two or three players.
  • Julie and I played our staple Five Crowns last weekend. Julie won and is creeping back towards a 50/50 split lifetime.

What I’m Listening To

  • First Listen: Sugarland, ‘Bigger’ – Pretty country.
  • Spotify – What? I shut Spotify down about a year ago and switched to Amazon Music, mainly to see how it is and if the Echo integration was significantly better. Echo: better. Music: not better. I miss the social sharing, release radar, discover weekly, etc. Found a deal for returning members ($9.99 for 3 months) so I’m back in and shut down Amazon Music.