Thursday Things

What I’m Playing

  • Doug and I continue our learning of vehicles, guns, and how they interact with infantry in Advanced Squad Leader. We played The Puma Prowls and The Meat Grinder in the past week
  • Played more Band of Brothers with Peter. I introduced some guns and off-board artillery in this scenario (Scenario 6 - Eindhoven), and we will get into vehicles next.
  • Allen and I started our delve into Vietnam 1965–1975. This is deep, complex strategic level game that looks to have captured the asymmetries well. We are starting with some small scenarios to get the hang of the rules, and this wil take quite some time. Playing some more this afternoon.

What I’m Eating and Drinking

I’ve managed to stay fairly disciplined during my bachelor stint here in Oregon, sticking to a glass of red wine most nights and only eating between noon and about 9pm each day. Diet has been mostly of the slow carb variety, mixing up chicken, pork, and steak with veggies and beans. Snacking is usually mixed nuts or celery with no-sugar-added peanut butter.

I did have an awesome cheat day on Saturday after running 12 miles with friends. We had a blowout breakfast at Pine State Biscuits then later in the day I went to the Boise Fry Company downtown and had their Burger Week $5 burger, fries, and a Westward Amber beer. They were out of the IPA.

What I’m Contemplating

  • Two Ways to Break Work Down – Helpful, brief discussion about ad-hoc project planning. Meshes well with David Allen’s natural planning model.
  • You Still Get Paid – Bold post from the wealthy accountant but he said things that needed to be said. I’m still coming to grips with how to charge for my services, given that was something I never had to explicitly define throughout my career. I think I’m charging enough for my training, but I need to escalate my leadership coaching pricing schedule.