Wednesday What’s Up

First off, Julie posted a summary of our trip to Cambodia and Vietnam. There are quite a few placeholders in there, but she’s already published several articles on our 5 week trip.

What I’m Reading

  • Cryptoeconomics 101 – I’m trying to get smarter about this field. I have a decent understanding of the computer science behind it, but there are some crazy economic and monetary ramifications in this area.

What I’m Drinking

  • Tried the beer Loose Cannon while we were in Maine. Gave it a rating of 4.5. My kinda IPA. Love the grapefruit notes and suspect it will go perfectly with my burger.
  • Tried the beer Entrepot printemps at Finback Alehouse on June 08 2017. Gave it a rating of 4.5. I should always order Saison when I see a new one. Rich and tasty.
  • Tried the beer St. Klippenstein (2015) at Novare Res Bier Cafe in Portland ME. Gave it a rating of 4.25. What a find! Bourbon bottle aged wonder

What I’m Contemplating

  • The 25 Best Films of the 21st Century So Far. – I love lists like this. Great conversation and argument starter. There Will Be Blood? Sure, but what happened to No Country for Old Men? At least Inside Llewyn Davis made it - I love slow, talky dramas like that.

What I’m Learning

  • Facts about Qatar – 1. Qatar is about the size of Yorkshire or Connecticut. 2. The United States and Qatar have been friendly only since the first Gulf War; before then, the relationship was somewhat hostile or at least problematic.