I spend about 90 minutes commuting in the car each day and primarily listen to podcasts when alone in the car. I think I'm about 7 years into regular podcast listening (I remember burning some onto CDs when my mp3 player could only hold 32MB) and I've certainly settled on a few favorites that are in regular rotation. Here they are:

  • EconTalk: Don't Be fooled - this isn't a theoretical or academic podcast on economics. JD turned me onto this about 2 years ago and it has been in steady rotation. My favorite 2010 episode was an interview of a hair stylist turned entrepreneur who is exploring innovative compensation models in a hair salon.
  • Mac Power Users: A worthy newcomer though I find myself skipping an episode now and then. Favorites in 2010 were on MultiMarkDown and iTunes.
  • MacBreak Weekly: To understand just how important Leo Laporte is to this show, listen to it while he's on vacation. A great cast of characters with frequent obscure references plus worthy iOS and Mac recommendations (and prognostications) make this a weekly listen for me.
  • The Dice Tower: This is the one and only boardgaming podcast that I listen to and it gets better every year. Eric Summerer as the co-host has taken the quality up a notch. And I love the Game Tech segments.
  • PhotoFocus: Scott Bourne has the cred to be cocky and he is, but I learn something new every time I listen to this digital photography Q&A show. A steady stream of guest hosts keeps it fresh.
  • Travel with Rick Steves: Each time I listen it reinforces how traveling overseas only every other year is not enough. My favorite episodes were about the Whiskey Trail and Turkey / Greece relations.
  • The Pipeline: Excellent interview show hosted by Dan Benjamin.
  • This American Life: Yes, this is the public radio show. Relaxing diversion.
  • The Dave Ramsey Show: This gets fewer listens these days. It used to be a favorite of the boys, but one traumatic fact of our debt-ridden society is that you keep hearing the same stories over and over again.
  • Manager Tools: I tend to listen in batches when I need some inspiration and focus in my day job. Great management basics covered here, and they have a dedicated RSS feed to catch you up on the 101 stuff.

If after reading this you have a recommendation for me leave it in the comments!