We participated in the Tigard jamboree this weekend with mostly positive results. Our defense was stellar and is ahead of where I hoped to be by now - we've only had about 90 minutes of team defense practice but every player executed well and nothing got by us. I was stunting / blitzing on every play and just running down my slant and blitz list to get the kids used to our different packages. Over the next two weeks I'll install our old-school split-6 defense so that we can give a mix of even and odd fronts. Most of my players know the split 6 well so it should be an easy addition. Below is the raw footage from our defense, followed by our offense. Notice how well our hawks (outside linebackers in the 3-5-3) executed - great containment, pursuit, and tackling. We still need to work a bit on keeping their outside arm free and getting depth when they sweep wide, but their athleticism and quickness made up for some small fundamental issues.

Offense was a bit more of a struggle, but not a disaster either. We were running most of the offense with backup tackles and we have some work to do on our WB down blocks on sweep and down plays. So much of the Wing-T is timing and coordination between the backs and the line - it is often compared to choreography. The video below provides my analysis of key things we need to work on with our offense and this will be our focus for the next 2 weeks as we prepare for our first game on September 12.