We are half-way through our stay in NY, having spent week 3 with our guests the Ginns. The weather is warming up here with most days sunny, humid, and in the 80s - but we are still getting some windy days allowing us to sail. Jacob and his grandfather took the Flying Dutchman out on a shakedown cruise last weekend and we've had it out one other time since.

Keuka Lake 2008-13.jpg

We even managed to get Julie out on the Sunfish but the wind was noticeably... absent.

Keuka Lake 2008-81.jpg

The Ginn kids had a blast taking hikes into the gully, swimming, and of course tubing. Tristan became ever more adventurous throughout the week:

Keuka Lake 2008-151.jpg

We've never quite seen a smile on a first-time tuber like we saw with Logan:

Keuka Lake 2008-242.jpg

Caleb seemed to have a blast battle-tubing with Jacob and Matthew.

Keuka Lake 2008-320.jpg

Our daily routine involved the kids spending time on the water during the day while I worked, and gaming in the late afternoons / evenings with the two tubs of games that Jim brought. The kids played a ton of Magic: the Gathering and Jim and I played a wide range of board and lighter card games. We had a great game of Nexus Ops in a pretty nice setting.

Keuka Lake 2008-146.jpg

On July 4 we had some fabulous weather so took the gaming outside for a 3 hour session of Hammer of the Scots. This was an epic see-saw battle where I raced ahead, nearly lost it when King Edward rampaged through the north of Scotland, then bounced back in the final two turns for a victory.

Keuka Lake 2008-6.jpg

Jim and I drove up to Branchport for the fireworks display (everyone else took the boat up) - we went by car because I wanted to take some photographs of the show. I got some nice shots - nothing spectacular, but not bad for my first try.

Keuka Lake 2008-66.jpg

This week we have Julie's brother Mike in town, and on Sunday we are off to Camp Gorton.