I ran my weekly Game On! games class for 3-5 graders again this fall and had a great time; I think the kids did too. I surveyed 22 of the kids at the end of the class and had them rank their top 3 games in order. Every game got at least a few votes, so that's a good sign that I'm bringing games that kids want to play. The table below shows the final ranking, with the score based on 3 points for 1st, 2 points for 2nd, 1 point for 3rd. I also show the total number of kids voting for that particular game - pretty amazing that 20 of the 22 kids had Incan Gold on their top 3 list.

Game Score Total Votes
Incan Gold 50 20
Saboteur 27 14
Tsuro 14 9
Hey! That's My Fish 13 8
Walk the Dogs 11 5
TransEuropa 9 5
Slide 5 (aka 6 Nimmt) 8 5

We didn't get a chance to play Werewolf this year - I suspect it would have given Incan Gold a run for its money. I thought Slide 5 would do better, but the game is a bit dry and subtle for the elementary school crowd in my opinion. Incan Gold and Saboteur are very thematic and interactive and are sure hits in family and kid settings.