Ken and I got together about 2 weeks ago to play Twilight Struggle. This currently ranks as my favorite-game-that-I-rarely-get-to-play. Ken was concerned about the rumors he's heard that the game is broken in some way, but I assured him that it is just a bit imbalanced towards to Soviets. I offered to play the USA to perhaps balance out experience vs inherent imbalance and it seemed to work out just fine.

Twlight Struggle Mid War

I was fortunate to draw the European and Middle East scoring cards and control the timing in the early war, which helped mitigate losses for me and keep me in the positive VP territory for the early war and into the middle war. I worked very hard to keep the Soviets out of Central America by holding the Castro card for most of the early game but he made inroads with (I think) de-colonization anyway. Ken learned quickly about scoring and momentum and adjusted in real time quite nicely, balancing out the VPs mid-way through the middle war and setting up a potentially exciting finish.

Unfortunately it just got too late for both of us (around 11pm or so - we didn't start until after 8pm) so we called it a night. We both look forward to a re-match. I also can't wait to try out the new 1960: The Making of the President...