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As Scott mentioned
yesterday, we've been playing with InfoPath and we were sufficiently
impressed. We had some great meetings with Microsoft today, and took some time
to demo the tools for some Microsofties that hadn't had the time yet to see
the environment. We did the same demo - building a simple front-end for adding
new weblog entries to ChrisAn's BlogX. Demo
worked great - went from nothing to spell-checking front-end in less than 3

Someone then mentioned how cool it would be if the .xsn specification file was
completely transparent as well (read: XML), but we were disappointed to learn
(after opening in Notepad) that it is clearly a binary format. How could they
stoop so low?

So what do I learn after arriving in my hotel room and pulling down my feeds
in NewsGator? Clemens points out that it
is just a CAB file.
And inside you can find tidy little (OK, so not all of them are quite so
little) XML, XSLT, XSD, JS file. Pleasant surprise.