What I’m Up To Now

This page is for anyone interested in what I’m doing (approximately) now. You can learn more about this idea over at the nownownow project.

It is early November 2017, and here’s an update on what I’m working on now:

  • Football season is still going as we made it to the playoffs. Win Saturday (tomorrow) and we keep grinding. We did indeed have a tough schedule as I said in September, playing 3 of the top 5 teams in all of the TVYFL.
  • I’m teaching an upper level information systems class (on strategy, management, and acquisition) and a mid-level CS class on digital logic design, assembler programming at Western Oregon.
  • Jacob graduates from CMU with his master’s in ECE and starts work in Kirkland, WA in January.
  • Julie and I travel to Philadelphia (Army Navy game), Florida, and Las Vegas in December. We will be home for less than a week in December.

Last updated November 3, 2017.